Dr. Charles Hoffman

By the age of nineteen I had suffered with back pain for two straight years. I had gone to my medical doctor many times. He was an osteopath so he had tried osteopathic manipulation, injections and of course pain killers. Also, he had sent me to physical therapy but nothing took the pain away for any length of time. Finally, a physical therapist recommended I go to a chiropractor. My mom and grandmother had a fit. They thought Chiropractic could hurt me or make me worse. Out of desperation I made the decision to go anyway and, WOW!, am I glad I did. It completely changed my life. Not only did it get rid of the pain but my allergies went away. I knew at that time that I wanted to become a chiropractor. After thirty years of practice I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love seeing lives changed and improved. Let me help you. Come in now and let’s see what we can do for you!